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2. Pho Tai Nam (Pho with Sliced thin Eye round beef and cooked Brisket beef)

Pho with raw beef fillet and flank.

9. Pho Vegetable (Pho with Mix Vegetable)

5. Pho Gan Bo ( Pho with Beef Tendons only)

Pho with beef tendon.

1. Pho Tai ( Pho with Sliced thin eye round beef)

Pho with raw beef fillet.

4. Pho Combo (Pho with Beef of Eye round, brisket, meat balls, beef tendon and beef tripe)

Pho with raw beef fillet, flank, meat balls, tendon, and tripe.

7. Pho Ga (Pho with Chicken only)

Pho with chicken.

3. Pho Bo Bien (Pho Meat balls only)

Pho meat balls.

Authentic Pho and Thai Delights

Authentic Pho and Thai Delights
Indulge in savory Pho at our Thai restaurant. Our Pho features rich broth, tender beef, and fresh herbs. Try our popular Pho options, including beef, chicken, and vegetarian. Savor the authentic flavors of Vietnam with our comforting and aromatic Pho dishes.

Pho and Thai Takeout and Delivery Options

Pho and Thai Takeout and Delivery Options
Satisfy your pho and Thai cravings with our convenient takeout and delivery options. Enjoy the comforting warmth of pho or the bold flavors of Thai dishes in the comfort of your own home. Order online for quick pickup or have your favorites delivered right to your door.

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